CarDjan - Songs by Carrie and Djan

This is a collection of songs written by
Carmen Snackers (Carrie) and Djan Moerenhout,
between 2013 and now.
All instruments played by Djan.

01 Corvette
(oct 2011, feb 2012)
Lyrics Corvette (PDF)
Originally written as an instrumental country-rock piece for indorock band The Apa Itus.
When Carmen heard this song, she commented she was waiting for the singing to begin.
Djan told her: well then write lyrics. So she did.
The lyrics of this song are non religious.

02 There Are Times
(sep 2013)
Lyrics There Are Times (PDF)
Their first religious song, specially written to be performed at Emmanuel Baptist Church Hoensbroek.

03 No Chains
(mar 2014)
Lyrics No Chains (PDF)

04 Fill My Spirit
(aug 2014)
Lyrics Fill My Spirit (PDF)

05 In You
(oct/nov 2015)
Lyrics In You (PDF)

06 Leap Of Faith
(feb/mar 2016)
Lyrics Leap Of Faith (PDF)
In 2020 we did a re-mix for video. See and listen:
Leap Of Faith (video edit)

07 Salvation Is For All
(aug 2016)
Lyrics Salvation Is For All (PDF)
Once upon a time Djan stumbled upon a guitar pick in a christian book store.
On the pick they had printed a sentence from Romans 10: "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved".
And the rest of the lyrics is extracted from Romans 10.

08 Come With Me To Bethlehem
(nov 2016)
Lyrics Come With Me To Bethlehem (PDF)
In march/april of 2016 Carrie and Djan went to Israel for the first time.
While walking through Bethlehem Djan picked out his cellphone and recorded some local sounds.
Back at home while listening to these recordings this song was created.

09 Streets Of Jerusalem
(nov 2018)
Lyrics Streets Of Jerusalem (PDF)
The second time Carrie and Djan went to Israel was in nov 2018.
The day after they visited Jerusalem, Djan wrote the lyrics on the hotel balcony in Bethlehem early morning.

10 Not Afraid
(mar 2020)
Lyrics Not Afraid
While the corona virus spreaded out over the world, we wanted to encourage everyone not to be afraid.
Still follow the rules of your government.
The song was originally written as a sort of hard rock piece.
In 2021 it was re-mixed for video and that has a more folky feel about it, due to the use of a hurdy gurdy and a tin whistle.
See and listen: Not Afraid (folk version).

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